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Infantsee: Protecting a Baby's Windows to the World

Cooing, sitting up, and crawling are signs that a baby is growing and learning. A baby’s vision goes through important stages too. Did you know eye problems can occur without noticeable symptoms?

For this reason, The American Optometric Association and The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., have partnered to create the InfantSEE program. As InfantSEE providers, Dr. Kirschen will provide a comprehensive eye examination to infants between 6-12 months of age at NO COST.

During the assessment, Dr. Kirschen will make sure your infant is seeing clearly, will look for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, and will check to see that the eyes are aligned and working well together as a team. The health of the baby’s eyes will also be assessed. Although serious problems are not common, it is important to identify specific risk factors at this early age.

Early detection is the best way to ensure a child’s “windows to the world” are healthy and developing normally. The InfantSEE examination is an integral part of infant wellness care.

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